Games are very important for our future – for media, for training, learning, and communication – and done right, can be excellent business.

The games industry is hugely successful - in all the five Nordic countries. In Europe we're on par with the UK and Germany in size.

Investing in the games industry is evolving, but still very challenging, and requires unique contacts and skills.
Managed funds

We, Nordic Game Fund Management Oy, are at present (October 2018) raising our first fund under present management. This fund is open for professional investors, particularly from the Nordic countries, but not for investors domiciled in the US, Canada or other investors regulated under equivalent legislation.

We invest solely in equity or convertible notes in Nordic game development companies, Nordic game technology companies and Nordic game services companies. We adhere to generally accepted Venture Capital best practice, including not leveraging any investments by taking on debt.
Oversight, standards and compliance

Given the close relations in such a well-delineated industry, with its tight-knit community, issues regarding conflict-of-interest will, and should, be in focus. Transparency and openness is for Nordic Game Ventures not only a traditional and culturally based virtue, it is likely a necessity in establishing top-class governance and gaining acceptance for a new fund manager.

Nordic Game Fund Management Oy is since 2008 supervised by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) as a Registered Alternative Investment Fund Manager.

Nordic Game Fund Management Oy is committed to follow the best practices of Invest Europe’s recommendations for Governing and Reporting Principles. Reporting to investors is to follow Invest Europe’s professional standards for all funds under its management. Investments are reported according to Invest Europe valuation guidelines. Reporting is done quarterly, at a minimum, to Fund Investors (Limited Partners, or “LPs”). Nordic Game Fund Management Oy is also committed to comply with the rules and guidelines of Pääomasijoittajat ry (Finnish Venture Capital Association, FVCA), and has in October 2018 applied for full membership.
Management and ownership

Our management company was formed in 2008 as Mediatonic Management Oy, and registered in Finland as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager under EU regulations. After the termination of its first fund, in March 2018, it was acquired by Nordic Game Ventures i Malmö AB, a Swedish entity.

This AIFM, under its new name Nordic Game Fund Management Oy [Registration no. 2288679-7], is at present (October 2018) managed by Erik Robertson and Timo Ylikangas, owned to 100 % by Nordic Game Ventures i Malmö AB [Registration no. 556628-9020], and Nordic Game Ventures i Malmö AB is owned by Erik Robertson to 100%.


For further information, please contact Timo Ylikangas, by email: ”timo at nordicgameventures dot com”

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