For any investment in any sector to be successful, you need both access and special insights.
Nordic Game Ventures has the skills, experience, networks and most importantly, the proven track record that you need as a games investor.
Our offer to investors:
Nordic Game Ventures invests exclusively in unlisted early stage game development and games ecosystem SME companies in the Nordic region (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) that show outstanding team competence, exceptional content and a solid market approach.
   Our portfolio will be diversified and balanced, from startups to follow-on, internally supportive across subsectors, with a disciplined, no-leverage approach to fund composition and risk management.
   We are the local, sector-expert, super-connector, skin-in-the-game co-investor that global investors are looking for in the Nordic games industry.

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Our offer for Nordic games entrepreneurs:
Nordic Game Ventures offers smart capital, backed by a network of well-known Nordic games industry leaders and experts, all committed to supporting the companies for the long term.
   We offer entrepreneur-friendly funding, a true partnership, by investing in company, team, product and market development at key inflexion points, with fair sharing of both burdens and rewards.
   Nordic Game Ventures aims to be the investment partner of choice for Nordic game companies.

The Nordic countries are recognised world leaders in games, which are also by far one of the region's biggest export success stories.
Nordic Game Ventures supports, sustains and shares in this unique source of innovation and wealth creation, now and in the future.

Our key advantages are:
  • Over forty years of games industry entrepreneurship
  • Founders also founded leading Nordic and European games industry organisations
  • Strong brand recognition, reputation and trust in the regional industry
  • Deep proprietary network across the entire games ecosystem
  • Preferential access to deal flow
Our team has:
  • Created a 10 million EUR game industry support program for the Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Evaluated and invested in over 120 game companies in the region
  • Facilitated 10 million EUR direct investment for 30 Nordic game companies, just in the last three years
  • More than 15 years of VC GP, LP and co-investment experience
Our fund is:
  • Fully EU compliant AIFM (Alternative Investment Fund Manager) managed EuVECA fund
  • Invest Europe code compliant quarterly reporting
  • Full code compliant member of Pääomasijoittajat (Finnish Venture Capital Association)
  • Full code compliant member of SCVA (Swedish Private Equity & Venture Capital Association)
  • Focused on delivering overall best practice in governance, transparency and reporting

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Portfolio companies:

Akribian AB
Lund, Sweden
Established 2017

Akribian's short-term goal is to help children succeed in math so that they can live better lives.
   Using scientifically proven methods, cognitive behavioural therapy, modern proprietary technology and game design, Akribian provides an effective and fun learning experience for children around the world.

Localize Direct AB
Helsingborg, Sweden
Established 2009

LocalizeDirect helps game developers increase their revenue and take their products global by providing the best localization tools and services.
   Founded by ex-game developers, today over 500 big game brands are customers. LocalizeDirect is a localization content and data management technology world leader, now introducing the Gridly headless CMS for games and other media.

Quicksave Interactive Ltd.
Helsinki, Finland
Established 2015

This true veteran team with wide experience, from console to mobile, has come together to focus on the rapidly growing chat games.
   Quicksave's own HTML5 and TypeScript tech enables fast iterations and rapid scaling from today's seven Facebook games onto all the leading global messaging platforms.

StageZero Oy
Helsinki, Finland
Established 2016

StageZero accelerates the AI revolution through a ground-breaking, crowd sourced model for AI data labeling.
   StageZero's technology, in part patent pending, interfaces with games and apps to provide a new form of monetization for developers and publishers.

Supremacy Games Oy
Helsinki, Finland
Established 2020

Supremacy makes innovative hybrid F2P mobile games based on IPs and brands for carefully selected target groups.
   This very experienced team is now rapidly bringing new games to market, several in co-operation with leading partners in other fields of media.

Wanderword i Sverige AB
Boden, Sverige
Established 2019

Wanderword develops and publishes interactive audio entertainment for the global mobile and smart speaker market.
   The hardware is in place, consumers know what to do, but meaningful, quality content is lacking. Founded by games industry veterans, Wanderword has a platform for content creation, with patented methods, systems and media for presenting interactive audio, that will make this happen by enabling the market to grow.


Our founders and team:
We combine 50 years of games industry experience and organisation with raising over 20 MEUR for the whole industry and for 150+ selected individual companies, as well as VC and angel investing in over 20 Nordic game companies to date. We are well known.

Timo Ylikangas, General Partner
25 years working in and with games and other start-ups as an advisor, investor and entrepreneur with two exits. Facilitated 10 million EUR direct investment and over 10 million EUR project funding for 30 Nordic game companies, just in the last three years.
   Timo is a founder and board member of Neogames, the Finnish games industry organisation and the trailblazers for the industry and start-up ecosystem. He has also been a true pioneer in games education and the first-ever full-time game business teacher in the Nordics.

Erik Robertson, Managing Partner
Over 40 years of entrepreneurship with two exits, in the games industry since 1993, with over 10 years of angel, venture capital LP and co-investment experience.
   Erik is one of the very top games industry organisers in Europe, having created the 12 million EUR Nordic Game Program for the Nordic Council of Ministers that invested in over 120 game companies in the region, founded and financed the Swedish (Spelplan-ASGD) and European (EGDF) games industry trade organisations, and founded, led and still owns the largest European games developer conference (Nordic Game).

Our expert advisors:
A close advisory group of 20+ successful games industry veterans, entrepreneurs, fund managers and analysts, from all five countries, committed to supporting and joining the Nordic Game Ventures founders and core team as fund volume requires and allows.

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ESG and impact:
Our primary ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors are the following.
   Environment: Energy is an issue in games, from battery life in handhelds to costs at datacenters, driving awareness and conservation.
   Social: Work and workplace issues are being debated today, and we expect our portfolio companies to lead. Diversity and gender balance will ultimately lead to better, more popular products. The companies must have a responsible approach to the appropriateness of product content, and for sensible use, for their target customer groups.
   Governance: Nordic Game Ventures will strive to set an example, and require adherence to highest standards, in general conduct and reporting. Compliance will be supported by a combination of best practice dissemination and check-list self-evaluation material.

NGV's funds should not be evaluated primarily as Impact investment vehicles. However, the impact of games, and of the games medium on other fields, can possibly not be overstated. We certainly aim to foster a culture of responsibility for the games medium and its development through our investments and in our portfolio companies, but our current funds is focused on company and industry growth and profitability.

Contact us today:
As an investor interested in the Nordic games industry or as a Nordic game company seeking funding, we want to hear from you, and we will get back to you immediately.
   Contact us at invest at nordicgame dot-vc for investor information, and at pitch at nordicgame dot-vc if you are open to investments.