Games are very important for our future – for media, for training, learning, and communication – and done right, can be excellent business.

The games industry is hugely successful - in all the five Nordic countries. In Europe we're on par with the UK and Germany in size.

Investing in the games industry is evolving, but still very challenging, and requires unique contacts and skills.
Our focus is on games

We grow great companies and secure future jobs while profiting from the greatest Nordic export industry success in ages, the games industry, which will show continued growth for at least five to ten years. While doing this, we get additional leverage by focusing on a single, geographically delimited industry. We use our unique advantages to the outmost, as the games industry really is special, a challenge for most investors, not just for lack of industry background or networks.

The games industry is a unique ecosystem of highly talented, intelligent, motivated, and critical creative individuals. They are co-operating in a voluntary, sharing, anarchic, meritocratic ”new economy”, while working under fully globalized, digital, always-on, commercial conditions. The supporting industry, with specialized tech and services, grows right along with this. It is obvious that the games industry will have a unique influence on media and communication for generations.
Our focus is on the Nordic region

The games industry is hugely successful – in all our five Nordic countries. In Europe we're on par with the UK and Germany in size, so our region offers an interesting volume and deal flow of opportunities, a critical mass. We are consciously building on common Nordic business values and culture, for efficiency, synergies and for M&A opportunities.

The Nordic focus also capitalizes on our existing network, recognition, reputation, and the global brand we've built together. Our focus is on Nordic games, Nordic games technology and Nordic game services.

We really want to be the investor the Nordic games industry entrepreneurs really want.
Our opportunity

Bigger actors need to invest large sums, just for efficiency. There is today growing caution regarding mobile F2P and VR, uncertainty on blockchain impact, and a general hesitance in anticipation of improved content discovery and evolved business models. We see both unstable VC activity and price inflation – which may be signs of scarcity. Taken together, this leaves an excellent opportunity for a well-connected earlier-stage actor, nurturing and readying small game developers for their full global roll-out.

We actively develop a range of investment models and alternative exit routes. This includes the establishment of the Nordic Game Fund, which will enable anyone to invest in our exciting industry.
Our founders and early investors

Nordic Game Ventures is founded by ten Nordic games entrepreneurs and gamer entrepreneurs, a true representation of smart capital. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden are all represented by our early partners.
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